Let’s Have a Discussion on Religious Liberty – June 21st

action_religious_freedom3Throughout our history, America has been a land defined by religious faith and freedom. Religious freedom is our first and most fundamental, God-given right deemed so precious that our Founding Fathers enshrined it in the U.S. Constitution.

So why is religious liberty under attack in America today?

For decades, several radical anti-Christian groups have been on a mission to eliminate public expression of our nation’s faith and heritage. By influencing the government, filing lawsuits, and spreading the myth of the so-called “separation of church and state,” the opposition has been successful at forcing its leftist agenda on Americans.

Their targeted attacks on religious liberty are more serious and widespread than you may realize. We are currently living in a culture were the human dignity, the sanctity of life, and the future of the family are continuously threaten. In courtrooms and schoolrooms, offices and shops, public buildings and even churches…those who believe in God are increasingly threatened, punished, and silenced.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is currently one of many groups that work on a wide variety of cases, such as those in defense of medical professionals who are pressured to violate their conscience or parents who seek to opt their children out of nationalized sexual education.

“I’m sad to say that most of the rights that have been lost, both across the European Union and across the United States, have been lost because of the failure of the members of the body of Christ to stand and defend [them] — for about two generations we were AWOL,” acknowledged Alan Sears, president of this organization, from Rome’s Symposium on Religious Liberty this past March. “We stood on the sidelines while others brought actions and sought to create legal structures to change things. But the good news is, we’re not too late.”

As responsible citizens, and devout Catholics, we need to learn about these issues, learn about the rights of conscience, support those in the public square that are working to defend these rights, and be ready ourselves to defend our beliefs.  Join us as we tackle this issue at our next event on June 21st, 9:30am-noon, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, 4600 E Brundage Ln.


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  1. Joel Torczon

    To hear the Holy Mother Church’s detractors tell it, we have the “freedom of worship,” as if we aren’t allowed to exercise our religious freedoms in the public square. That is a constitutional right worth fighting for.

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