May 10

Mary, our mother and inspiration. What can we learn from her?

In May, we traditionally celebrate Our Blessed Mother, and moms everywhere. But what can we learn from Mary as a mother? We get so used to thinking of her as ‘Blessed Virgin’ or ‘Queen of Heaven’ or ‘Mother of God,’ we sometimes forget that she was also a real-live, flesh and blood mother of a real-live, flesh and blood child.  So often too, we look to Mary as a prayerful companion but gloss over the very real fact that she was a mother who knew all the joys and struggles of raising a child. Mary had to tell Joseph she was pregnant, faced scorn for being an unwed mother, had to watch her son grow up, enter into his own life, and eventually die before her eyes.

Mary serves as the perfect example for Catholic mothers. “In Mary, we have a mother worthy of emulation, but who is fully human with the same experiences and emotions we have. In her life, we find example, and in her virtue, we find inspiration. Mary can show us how to be the mothers we want to be—the mothers we can be”, says Marge Fenelon, in her book ‘Imitating Mary: Ten Marian Virtues for the Modern Mom’. Fenelon clarifies that God doesn’t expect women to be perfect mothers; he knows that is impossible. But by channeling Mary’s patience, strength, obedience, and endurance, among other traits, Catholic women can adopt Mary as an example in their own experience of motherhood. In her, theycan discover the ultimate companion.

“Trust in God’s will”, Fenelon tells readers, “and ask Mary for help along the way:  most of us don’t realize that, with God’s grace and Mary’s example, we can overcome any obstacles to becoming the loving, wonderful mothers we’re meant to be.” Catholicmom.com

A very Happy Mother’s Day from our ministry to all mothers out there! 

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  1. Joel Torczon

    Thanks to the moms for the gift of life!

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