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November is National Adoption Awareness Month

Get involved and Witness to LifeEach year, since 1990, November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. While all adoption- related issues are important, the particular focus of this month is the adoption of children currently in foster care. But did you know that before becoming a foster care child, there is a period of time, usually just a few weeks, that a child is in ‘limbo’, until Social Services decides on the foster care route?

This is the case when a drug-addicted woman gives birth to a child for example, and the birth center is obligated to report this to the Department of Human Services. As the appropriate personnel investigate the condition of the new mother and her capability to take care of her newborn, her baby is taken away from her for a few weeks and placed in the home of an “emergency foster care parent”. The objective is always to help the mom get back on her feet and start a process of recovery from drugs, so that she can be reunited with her child. If this proves difficult, a relative is identified so that the baby can be united with his/her own blood relatives. In the meantime, this precious human being has to probably go through a process of withdrawal, even though he/she had nothing to do with the circumstances of his/her birth. This usually requires that a more quiet and darker environment must be provided by the emergency foster care parent.

Sometimes the baby might have nowhere to go, as the mother or closer relatives prove incapable of caring for him/her, so regular foster care, or adoption, becomes the next step. A temporary foster care home is also needed for babies that are abandoned at birth. Under the CA Safely Surrender Baby Law a mother can abandon her newborn baby (up to three days old) into the hands of any fire station or emergency room staff in Kern County. It’s safe, legal, and private. This was the case of Isabel, a beautiful little girl whose mother left her at a Bakersfield hospital after delivering her recently. Isabel was taken to a loving emergency foster care family for a few days, before being assigned to a final foster care/adoptive family. We were very blessed to have had the chance to meet her and we will keep her in our prayers!

The need for emergency foster care parenting is huge in our community. Three to five weeks of unconditional love to a newborn, could make a big difference in the development of that new life. Perhaps this is an act of charity that God is calling you to do? Please visit http://www.co.kern.ca.us/dhs/FosterFamilyResources/orientation_dates.html if you want to learn more on the local process for becoming a foster care parent (emergency or regular).

If you have been thinking about adoption, may we suggest you consider the orphans in foster care? In partnership with local and state child welfare officials, adoption agencies, ministries and local churches, the Focus on the Family Christian organization has lead a successful program in this area: Wait No More. It’s recruitment events have helped 2,480 families initiate the process of adopting a waiting child in foster care. If you would like information on adoption, or information about how you can help adoptive families in your community, please go to http://icareaboutorphans.org/california/ of call 800-A-FAMILY.


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    Kern County Superior Court Juvenile Justice Center judges participated in the nationwide observance of Adoption Day by finalizing more than 40 adoptions on Friday November 22.

    Of the 2200 Kern County children who are dependents of the court, close to 1700 are in ‘out of home’ placement and awaiting permanent homes according to the Kern County Department of Human Services. Director of Human Services Pat Cheadle said the high-profile observance of Adoption Day helps raise awareness about the need for homes for foster children, and helps dispel myths.

    Read more on the Bakersfield Californian, November 23rd, 2013.

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