Feb 09

Spiritual Adoption Program returns for second year


For the second year, Witness to Life is participating in the Spiritual Adoption Program. Last year, individuals and families joined us in this campaign, praying for more than 100 spiritually adopted babies. After choosing a name for their adopted baby, they got a prayer card after Masses, added the name of their baby to their parish “Adopted Babies” board, and started praying daily for their newly conceived baby, at risk of abortion, and the baby’s parents. Praying went on for the next nine months.

After joining the program, you will receive monthly updates about the growth of your baby; We will celebrate with a special baby shower at the end of the nine months on Dec. 26 at Our Lady of Guadalupe’s parish hall. You can join this prayer campaign at any time: please contact us at ministry@witnesstolife.org for prayer cards, and let us know of your baby’s name and your parish.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish also will bless pregnant mothers at a special bilingual Mass at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25, which is the Feast of the Annunciation and marks the start of the Spiritual Adoption Program.

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